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[Tuesday's Leafs Links] Kings One Win Away

And no one is surprised.

Paul Bereswill

Box Score | Extra Skater

I didn't watch this one, but the numbers tell the story of a desperate New York team that tried to claw its way back into the game, only to be entirely shut down by Jonathan Quick. Actually, the numbers are just numbers, I'm making that story up, more or less. Of course, it also happens to be the story that other people are telling, too.

Check out the recap from Jewels From the Crown:

After two ridiculously dramatic games in Los Angeles, this one was a quiet affair. LA had to be thrilled, though. It wasn't a perfect game, but it wasn't quite Quick stealing the game, either... it looked more like a team gaining a lead and then, efficiently and calmly, putting the game to bed. And it worked.

On to a few more links, including an intriguing tidbit from mc79hockey. Get chatty, everyone.

Boudreau on the Ducks' Corsi numbers

It would indeed be interesting if there was a coach capable of suppressing SA on a consistent basis, but right now there's no evidence of that.

DGB on the Rangers' chances

Never ask a Leafs fan for optimism.

Where hockey's new numbers get it wrong

Cam Charron seems to think goals are new. I donno, I only skimmed this one.

Sam Bennett and the failed pull-up

I mean... it's a little funny. It probably has next to no bearing on his ability to play hockey, but if I were his buddy, I'd make fun of him a lot.

Kevin Fiala's stock on the rise

Article from the Leafs' site. I'm always skeptical about drafting players whose value rises sharply right before the draft. Teams should make decisions based on long-term information, not just a few weeks of a player being a hot commodity.

Video review unlikely to include goalie interference

I don't really like the idea of a "non-reviewable call". I mean, what logically distinguishes plays that can and can't be reviewed? Anyway, this story is from TSN, where they mention a few other potential rule changes.

TSN's rumour roundup

Stuff from around the league relating to teams whose seasons are already over.

Ondrej Palat signs extension

Seems like a very reasonable cap hit, even if it is just a bridge deal.

Phoenix to become the Arizona Coyotes

The announcement will be made at the draft.