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[Thursday LL] A Whole Lot of Talking


The five day window for negotiating with UFAs-to-be has started, and reportedly there is some interest in Dave Bolland, who reportedly asked for around 5 million and 7-8 years in negotiations. Must be easy to invent numbers when you're staring at Bozak and Clarkson. The Leafs' offer is believed to be around 4M and 5 years, as if giving five years to a 29-year old depth player who's currently rehabbing an injury is a good idea. Come join us in holding our breath, hoping someone who isn't Dave Nonis gives Bolland the high-risk, low-reward contract that the arguable-third-line center is seeking. For now, some links.

Dumb Things Leaf Management Says:

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment president Tim Leiweke makes…outspoken…remarks
Tim Leiweke has no idea what's going on with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Apparently the pressure for Shanahan to make changes was from us, the public. Start with the dumb quotes and watch them get dumber.

Contracts from around the league:

Done deal: Lightning sign Callahan to 6 year deal
6 years, 5.8M AAV for Ryan "Sunk Cost" Callahan.

Marian Gaborik signs 7-year, cap friendly deal with champion Kings
4.875M cap hit. Gee it's almost like if you sign someone to an extended term, the team should get something out of it.

Nikita Nikitin Signs In Edmonton
2 years, 4.5M AAV (yes, AAV).

Jonas Gustavsson Officially Signs 1-Year Extension - Winging It In Motown

Talking Heads: Some good, some Simmons.

Steve Simmons, Tyler Dellow and shouting about Dave Bolland
This was a bit of a riot yesterday. Listen as Steve Simmons explodes into a giant mess of poorly defended opinions.

NHL -- Josh Ho-Sang is ultra-skilled and well rounded, but also frustrating
Craig Custance talks about why Ho Sang's character problems are a concern, and why his CHL stats may not scream "obvious talent." It's like a grown-up version of the similar Steve Simmons piece.

A new free agent:

Lightning exercise compliance buyout on Ryan Malone - Raw Charge
Remember all those trade rumors where the Leafs spent assets to acquire him? Man those were dumb.


Kesler, Miller, Bolland = No Shortage Of Canucks News / Rumours
Things going crazy over in Vancouver.