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[Tuesday's Leafs Links] Marlies Force Game 7

Good news, everyone!

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Marlies recap and GI6

Check out the highlights and story from last night at the Leafs site.

Steve Spott's post-game

The coach had a lot of praise for his team.

Jeffler's recap

Get his reaction to the Marlies' win over at TLN.

Dave Morrisson on the draft combine

He talks about interviewing the kids and their "compete levels".

HNIC Radio

Elliotte Friedman on the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals.

Check out vintage Leafs photos

Vintage Leafs has added a bunch of new ones.

Youppi's walk of shame in a Rangers uniform

I quote Edna Krabappel here: HA!

Kings-Hawks set viewership record

Good news for the league, I guess. Crazy that so many people in Buffalo were watching.

Sharks to play outdoor game next year?

I mean, provided they've got that ice thing figured out, why the heck not?

5 reasons the Rangers could beat the Kings

It's really only 4, because I don't think 'destiny' counts.

Stats links

A week's worth of articles linked over at NHL Numbers.