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[Thurs LL] Game One: Decided

Kevork Djansezian

Watching a team like the Los Angeles Kings go to work is really a remarkable thing, but it does cast our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs in something less than a favorable light. When you start stacking the teams up, position by position, it can be a grim exercise. Kopitar vs. Bozak? Doughty vs. Phaneuf? Jeff Carter vs. Jay McClement or David Clarkson? The only position in which the Leafs could call themselves competitive with the Kings is in goal, and James Reimer is likely on his way out this summer, weakening the position significantly. Ironically, the only competitive advantage the Leafs might hold came from Los Angeles a year ago.

Rather than link the highlights of last night's 3-2 Kings win, I'll just embed it here and save you a click:

Box scoreExtra Skater

I mean, for pete's sake, that Doughty goal? Filthy.

It's true the Kings gave up a lot of chances, and this game definitely could have gone to the Rangers, but I'd be shocked if guys like Hagelin get half as much room to wheel next game. L.A. might have been somewhat unfamiliar with the Rangers' forwards before, but they'll definitely come ready next game.

Anyway, on to the links.

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