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Turning Corsi Into Goals, MSM Struggling To Keep Up, Dallas Eakins On Stats, and More

Morning links on how to turn corsi into goals, what Dallas Eakins thinks about getting more information, Derek Van Diest is sad that people think they know more than the MSM that actually go to games, and more!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Value of Corsi possession measured in goals
Quantify how much a player costs or helps his team.

Dallas Eakins on how an NHL coaching staff can use analytics
Refreshing to hear a coach that is open to more information and trying to address problems rather than doubling down like a humpty dumpty-looking bastard.

The NHL Dives Into the Advanced-Stats Pool
DGB, as usual, writes the best post possible: sorry people, stats are here forever so you can fucking deal with it.

New NHL stat hires challenge conventional media paradigm on analytics
Mittenstringers are getting nervous that they might have to do something beyond just act as stenographers for teams.

Edmonton Oilers reporter goes on incredible anti-stats rant
Derek Van Diest, who is a reporter with the Edmonton Sun and covering the Oilers was on TSN 1260 Monday morning, and he was asked about that team’s decision to hire blogger and stats expert Tyler Dellow

More Hilarity From The Anti-Stats Crowd
In August I find it hard to listen to sports talk radio in Edmonton. There is next to nothing to discuss, which makes shows I can barely tolerate at the best of times completely unbearable. So...

Robin Williams. It's time for a convoluted stream of consciousness. Ask Me Anything!
This AMA on Reddit was pretty great. Shame to have a lost a guy that made so many people happy.

Did Molson overrule Bergevin to sign Subban long term?
A report has come out of the Montreal Gazette that claims that Molson overruled Bergevin to force a long term contract for P.K. Subban, but the presentation of it is a little odd.

Scouts Honored: Football Manager Data Being Used By Pros
This is pretty cool.