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Maple Leafs Hire Brandon Pridham As Capologist, Assistant To The General Manager, Fans Chuckle At Title

Brendan Shanahan has added to the Leafs' executive suite by hiring the former NHL employee to be the team's capologist, a position recently vacated by the terminally stupid Claude Loiselle.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have hired Brandon Pridham to handle the duties that were previously the purview of Claude Loiselle. The job description couldn't be funnier:

But in a serious sense, this is another smart move by Shanahan. Based on the description of Pridham's role with the NHL, he has served as the point person for any question on the CBA, the cap, and Central Scouting. The knowledge base of the group has increased and in a way that serves to help the Leafs find any measure of advantage possible which is all that we've ever really wanted.

It's not like Pridham doesn't have a low bar to leap over for success. Claude Loiselle was incompetent in his job: his work on the buyout proof David Clarkson deal is a good example although let's not forget the terrible John-Michael Liles deal or the ridiculous reasoning for not taking Bolland's injury into account or the Tim Gleason buyout that shouldn't have been are all big markers suggesting Loiselle was awful at his job and yet...

Any time the Leafs add some knowledge to the front office that was sorely lacking it's good news. Hopefully in his role as Dwight Schrute he can help Brendan Shanahan become the first GM in the history of this blog to have a better track record than us. Fingers crossed.

The full text of the press release is below.

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced the appointment of Brandon Pridham today as the assistant to the general manager, David Nonis. In his new role, Pridham will assist with salary cap analysis, contract negotiations and collective bargaining agreement interpretation for the team.

Pridham joins the club from the National Hockey League where he most recently served as Senior Director, Central Registry and Senior Advisor, Central Scouting.

"For fifteen years, Brandon has played an integral role in the central scouting and central registry departments for the NHL," said David Nonis, Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Toronto Maple Leafs. "His intimate knowledge of the complexities of the salary cap system and strong relationships around the league will serve our team well."

Pridham began his career at the NHL in 1999 as a coordinator in NHL Central Scouting. Over the past fifteen years at the League, Pridham has served in a number of capacities in the Central Scouting and Central Registry departments with duties that included serving as the contact person for NHL General Managers, Assistant General Managers and NHL Executives on issues involving the CBA, salary cap and NHL Central Scouting department.

"I am very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I've gained at the National Hockey League," said Pridham. "I always looked forward to the opportunity to bring that experience to an NHL club and I'm thrilled with the chance to join Dave Nonis and his team with the Toronto Maple Leafs."

The 40-year old Pridham grew up in Stouffville, Ontario where he resides with his wife, Sue, and their two children. He is very active in the local community as a volunteer coach in both hockey and baseball.