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Crow Put On Endangered Species List as Consumption Increases

A couple of links to get you folks rolling


Pretty insane to see a bunch of nobodies who live in their mothers' basements get jobs with NHL team. What a time to be alive.


The Surprising Summer Continues

Feels good man.

Fancy Stats to the Rescue

Who's Bianca and who's Bernard?

Leafs Hire Brandon Pridham


Steve Moore settles Todd Bertuzzi suit, but NHL still feeling impact
It's a shame that we'll never get to hear Brian Burke and Marc Crawford and the NHL have to defend "The Code" in open court.

The year the Edmonton Oilers’ development system finally got on-track
A look at how the franchise has balanced development with winning

Hockey Twitter & Social Change
A thoughtful piece on achieving social change in any community

The Season Ahead: What I'm Looking Forward To
I hate it, but no matter how much the Oilers disappointed me the season before, by mid August I start to get excited about and to look forward to in the new season. These days it's tougher to find things to look forward too but I came up with one.

ExtraSkater is Dead; Let’s Build a New Stat Site!
The race is on!

NHL advanced stats: Stop searching for shot-quality wizards
Travis Yost wants you to focus on something else