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Hockey Wars: The Blogosphere vs The Mainstream Media

Steve Dangle: Peacemaker and overall swell gent.

At times it seems the hockey blogosphere and hockey's mainstream media are bitter enemies destined to fight it out until the end of time. The war, if you will, has hit a fever pitch with the Edmonton Oilers' recent signing of cantankerous blogger Tyler Dellow, and even more recently, the Leafs' acquisition of and their new analytics department.

Having friends on both sides of this conflict, and having worked with people on both sides of this conflict, I'll try to shed some light on what bloggers and mainstreamers alike might be feeling, why they feel that way, and how we can all get along maybe probably never gonna happen but still.

So enjoy as my bad haircut and I try to break down the seemingly never-ending war between the hockey blogosphere and the mainstream media. I'll remind you that there is a comment section below and I feel like I should mention that I'm an extremely sensitive boy and get my feelings hurt easily.