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[Tuesday's FTB] Summertime, And The Livin' Is Easy

It's still the Summer of Stats.

Bruce Bennett

To be perfectly honest with you, there weren't a ton of stories worth checking out yesterday. The Blues had their new jerseys leaked, and they're nice, but I guess I don't care that much. Craig Anderson signed a new deal in Ottawa that's maybe worth debating a bit given his age and the fact that he had a bit of a sub-par year last season (but hey, it wasn't awful). Oh, and Randy Carlyle did the ice bucket challenge. Shrug.

Probably the best bit of news we got yesterday was of our very own Steve Burtch's employment with Sportsnet as their new stats writer. As far as I can tell, he'll basically be filling the shoes that Tyler Dellow left vacant when he went to go work with the Oilers, but it's cool because Burtch is one of us. He's posted an article about what the Flames might expect to get out of Devin Setoguchi, but actually, it winds up being rather closely-related to a couple former Leafs, Clark MacArthur and Mason Raymond. Here's the gist of his conclusion:

Even if [Setoguchi's] shot rate continues to drop, ending up around 6.5 shots per 60 mins of 5v5 TOI, a rebound to 9 percent shooting at 5v5 paired with power-play numbers of about 11 shots per 60 mins of 5v4 TOI and 12 percent shooting would translate to roughly 14 goals in 72 games, or 0.19 goals per game. Fourteen goals for $750,000 is reasonable production, though not quite the steal some Flames fans might be hoping for.

(As an aside, if you're looking for an explanation of dCorsi, check out this post Burtch did over at NHL Numbers. Bookmark it for its application at the bottom of the article that allows you check out any player's dCorsi.)

Burtch's hiring is just one more that really makes this the Summer of Stats for the NHL and its media. Now all we'll have to put up with is the complaining that the stats didn't work when the Leafs are a mediocre team again next season. The thing is, they'll be mediocre not because of anything stat-related, but rather because they're just not that good yet. Yet.

Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.

Anyway, here are some other links:

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Craig Anderson Re-signs with Senators, 3 Years, $4.2M AAV
This isn't a bad deal. On one hand, Anderson has had some injury trouble within the past couple seasons and is likely to decline given that he's already 33, but then, his cap hit isn't awful, and he probably has a decent season or two left.

Jimmy Howard and Consistency
J.J. from Kansas has an article that is relevant to the Reimer and Bernier situation.

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