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[Weekend FTB] Die, August, Die


Two weeks until rookie camp, three weeks until pre-season, and four-and-a-half weeks until the regular season. Enjoy the long weekend as a typically hockey-free August fades away. Good time to catch up on all the great prospect rankings that have gone out.

Jersey Fouls: An Avalanche of failure; Wild consolidation; Kovalchuk hate
Don't do this.

What are the odds the NHL will have more teams by 2017?
Are you a bettmaning man?

Oilers Sign Schultz To A One-Year Deal
One year, 3.675 mil.

Nicklas Backstrom Finally Receives His Olympic Silver Medal From Sochi
No word on whether or not he still has the sniffles.

AHL gets drug testing program
A little bit tougher to be a little bit tougher in the minors now.