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Overhauling Minor League Hockey, Explaining Contract Extensions, and Alex Ovechkin Talking `Bout Putin

Links on how to reorganize minor league hockey, how to explain Subban's extension, asking Ovie about Putin, Spott talking shop, and Juicy's 20th anniversary.

Spott said we're keeping the swarm?
Spott said we're keeping the swarm?
Bruce Bennett

It's time to drastically overhaul minor league hockey in North America
Several NHL teams are unhappy about the way minor league hockey works for them, and big changes are in the works. Here's how to make it work for the 62 minor league teams in the AHL, ECHL and CHL.

Fear Not the Huge NHL Extension
DGB with a perfect explanation of the issues surrounding Kane, Toews, and Subban's extensions. It's not hard to understand but this makes it clear.

An interview with Maple Leafs assistant coach Steve Spott
I haven't read this yet but dear god I hope it's not as stupid as all of the interviews from last year. What's that? He thinks the Leafs only had one bad month? *faints*

Over Analysis: The Shootout
Jeffler breaks down the Leafs' performance in a lot of ways

The Steve Dangle Podcast - August 7, 2014 - A Whole New World
Dangle is back in Canada so we know who to blame if things go wrong now

EA Sports Declares Kessel Good At Hockey
Almost time for a new video game!

Canadiens are Canada's strongest brand
Let's be real: this study was a joke.

Alex Ovechkin on +/-, asking Putin for cars and Barry Trotz
Smart coookie

The First Footage From ‘The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell’ Story
The first footage from 'The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story' is out. Let's break it all down! Be still my heart.

The ‘Juicy’ Standardized Test: How Well Do You Know Biggie’s Anthem 20 Years Later?
One time a local band played a kind of country version of this and it was great. Still a classic.