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Enormous Amounts of Gut Instinct

I poop in my pants at least once a week.
I poop in my pants at least once a week.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Leiweke,  the soon to be ex-CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, was the guest at a Ryerson Univeristy discussion on Law, Business, and Politics yesterdayand let me tell you, he can quit soon enough. This guy is absolutely clueless. The "best" soundbite starts at the 1h13m mark when someone asks a question about using stats. He goes off on a tangent about the importance of a guy named Bobby Webster who's apparently some sort of NBA contract Rain Man. Then he brings up the Leafs and wants you to know that Kyle Dubas is not as popular as Bobby Webster at cocktail parties, whatever that means. Give a listen if you're not a glue sniffer but still want a way to kill your brain cells.

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