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[Weekend FTB] Rookie Camp is Here!

Rookies on rookies.
Rookies on rookies.
Claus Andersen

The Toronto Maple Leafs rookies will face off against Chicago's tonight at 7! Then against Ottawa tomorrow, and Pittsburgh on Tuesday. You can find the roster and schedule here. I'm sure twitter and the comments section will be overflowing with amateur analysis of the year's first Leafs-affiliated practice: the pre-game skate - keep an eye out for JP Nikota's recaps of at least two of the games. Until you can read those recaps, enjoy these links to tide you over.

Tim Leiweke Said Another Dumb Thing
Claimed the Leafs had a "character" issue in the dressing room, then tried to walk it back later. Can he stay out of the media for 30 seconds?

Vancouver columnist claims conspiracy from Leafs owners, NHL schedule

NESN Doesn't Have A Clue When It Comes To Erik Karlsson
Could've just stopped at "NESN Doesn't Have A Clue"

New York Rangers News: Rangers, Malone Agree On Two-Way Deal
At the NHL level, the Rangers will pay Malone 700k and an provide him with an entourage member to hold his drugs.

NHL rule changes for 2014-15: More trapezoid, no spin-o-rama, please stop diving
Kill the trapezoid.