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[Tuesday's FTB] Leafs Links Aplenty

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It's been a long summer, but fall is here and with the weather cooling down, Leafs chatter is heating up.

Jeff Zelevansky

There are a bunch of articles worth checking out this morning, whether they're about the Leafs' rookies, the team's recent turn towards analytics, or more dead-horse-beating on the team's lack of puck possession. Personally, I think Elliotte Friedman is a good way to start your morning if you didn't already check out his new 30 Thoughts post yesterday. There's only one tidbit about the Leafs, but don't let that stop you.

24. Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment president Tim Leiweke launched a grenade when he told Ryerson University students, “There are players we have in our organization today whose numbers are off-the-chart good, and whose character is just terrible.” That led to speculation he was talking about Phil Kessel, but I’m not sure. According to a couple of sources, Kessel had an end-of-season meeting with Brendan Shanahan where he re-iterated he wants to stay in Toronto and be part of the solution. (Shanahan declined comment.) The other thing here is, does any Maple Leaf have “off-the-chart good numbers?”

Here are some other Leafy links:

Nonis and Maple Leafs ready to take plunge into analytics
Story from

Leo Komarov doesn't budge for fire alarms

"Uh oh."

Will Randy Carlyle Change?

I'm at the 'believe it when I see it' stage. Article from Alec Brownscombe at MLHS.

Leafs Roster Preview - Troy Bodie

Ryan Fancey with a look at the role Bodie will likely be playing this season in blue and white.

Loov likely to go back to Sweden?

Too bad. I was hoping to see him in the AHL. Tweet from Michcael Traikos.

Notes from the Alberta Analytics Conference

Scott Cullen was present and has his notes for you. Fellow PPPer Greg Sinclair is featured!

Puck Possession and the Leafs Defensive Zone

New site Corsi Hockey League has a post from SpecialRandy.

David Clarkson – What Happened, Why, and What to Expect Next

Corsi Hockey League blogger hwyatt11 with his thoughts.James Reimer and 4v5 Save Percentage

Looks like Reimer's Sv% can bounce back with a bit of luck on the PK.

Meet the man behind the Toronto Maple Leafs’ European draft picks

Thommie Bergman? Most of us here at PPP have already heard of him, but I wouldn't pass this link up anyway. Story from Traikos.