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[Tuesday's FTB] School's Back But Hockey Isn't


Bruce Bennett

It's that time of year once again, ladies and gentlemen. The school year is officially back on, and I will be returning to the classroom to continue my work spreading Leafs fandom to young minds. I'll regale them with tales of when the Leafs used to be great; when Doug Gilmour scored wraparound goals in blue and white and Wendel Clark took goalies' helmets off from the neutral zone.

While we're in a nostalgic sort of mood, why not take a trip down memory lane with Michael Langlois over at Vintage Leaf Memories and discuss your favourite memories of favourite players? My favourite from his list (even though he's not my favourite player):

Darryl Sittler—He was so much more than his famous 10-point game against the Bruins. A proud Leaf who led a good but not quite good enough Toronto squad in a difficult era when the Flyers and Habs were dominant.

I wonder if we'll later think of Phil Kessel like we do of Darryl Sittler. "What a great player! Too bad he had to play for so many terrible Leafs teams."

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