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[Weekend FTB] Hangover Saturday

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Harry How

You remembered to go hang out with PPPPeople, right? You've read through all the Top 25 Under 25? Okay, then you can read these links:

Breakdown: Who will make the Maple Leafs
The pre-season competition is upon us.

Mirtle: Breaking up Leafs’ top line makes sense
Especially if it means hiding Bozak.

I'm Into Kessel Y'All - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Sean Hathaway knows what's up. It's a Phil Kessel love-fest in there.

Can we stop penalizing clean hits in hockey?
Hockey's in the air. I had almost forgotten about the post-hit episodes of Twitter Court.

A Tale of Two Phenoms - Part I - Japers' Rink
The Caps won the 2004 draft lottery. What if they won it the following year, too?

A Tale of Two Phenoms -- Part II - Japers' Rink
The series continues.

Thornton on Wilson's offseason comments: 'I don't need somebody else telling me we can't do it'
Boy things sure seem like they're going well over there.

Stop calling Ryan Johansen greedy (Trending Topics)
Pretty easy to see who's winning the Team-Player propaganda war here.

Korean Ice Hockey Team Granted Entry to 2018 Winter Olympics
Granted an automatic qualification by the IOC.