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[Tuesday's FTB] Leafs Beat Flyers

The ones you'd expect to look good looked good. It wasn't surprising, but it was reassuring.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Last night in London, Ontario, Nazem Kadri looked dangerous all night, and the hometown crowd (who remembers him well from his days as a London Knight) loved every second of it. He scored a goal and had a nice assist to help the Leafs tie the game 2-2, but his passing was on display all night. Have a look at the GI6:

Here are Randy Carlyle's thoughts on the game:

He liked it, and so should you.

Here are some other links:

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A recap from MLHS.

Wayne Simmonds was ejected because his opponent was too slow
I'm not going to say Holzer is fast, but it seems to me like the refs just didn't want things getting crazy in an exhibition game and so they threw out the main aggressor.

Leafs Postgame - Leafs Down Flyers in Preseason Shootout Win
Another game recap, this time from TLN.

Leafs Cut Ten Players From Camp
I don't know why they bother starting with so many, anyway. Article from Justin Fisher.

Gary Bettman says NHL proactive about off-ice conduct
I'll believe it when I see it. Varlamov wasn't suspended by the NHL when he was charged.

NHL's return will boost Canada's economy, Moody's says
If true, awesome. I'm not sure. Article from CBC News.

Pavel Datsyuk hurts shoulder
It's too bad, especially because I like watching Datsyuk. On the other hand, it's the Wings, and wasn't it funny to listen to them last season braying on about 'when the team is healthy'?