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[Thursday FTB] Two Games, One Night

Pre-season hockey now includes elaborate, inter-squad trust falls.
Pre-season hockey now includes elaborate, inter-squad trust falls.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
The Maple Leafs played a pair of split squad games against the Senators. They dropped both - one 4-3 in the shootout and one 3-2 in regular time. There were goals from JVR, from Kadri, from Rielly, and from Carrick. I haven't been able to watch much pre-season yet, but geeze it feels good to have the buzz of hockey back in the air (pre-season or not).
Some links to hold you over until Friday's game against the Sabres.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter CXXXIV: 13. Dion Phaneuf
Matchsticks and Gasoline is celebrating Captain Phaneuf, as well they should.

Raising the level of hockey discourse
Stop encouraging bad writing.

Vancouver Sun runs a less than sunny caption with photo of Jordan Subban
Via The Color of Hockey.

Justin Bourne's Score Posts
I'm not sure if there's a "section" tab for this or anything, but if you aren't keeping up with Bourne's "unique team traits" series, it's good stuff.

Zeitgeist: Ryan Johansen to play running back for Ohio State Saturday against Cincinnati
LHH has the story.

Evander Kane trade to Flyers was almost 'very close' to happening
That could've been interesting.