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Toronto Maple Leafs Make Thirteen Training Camp Cuts

The Toronto Maple Leafs have cut 13 players from their training camp as they move towards opening night.

USA Today Sports

As per a press release, the Toronto Maple Leafs have made 13 cuts to their training camp roster. David Broll, Connor Brown, Jamie Devane (what a waste), Greg McKegg, Carson McMillan, Brad Ross, and Brady Vail are the forwards that are headed towards the Marlies. Eric Knodel (the guy that pissed Don Cherry off), Andrew MacWilliam, Brendan Mikkelson, and Tom Nilsson will join them in the AHL. In net, Christopher Gibson and Cal Heeter have also been sent to the minor league camp.

Obviously, there aren't many surprises there among the forwards. None of them were going to have a shot especially a guy like McKegg who couldn't even get a sniff last year when the Leafs' centres all started melting down. Broll is behind a few illustrious meatheads so the knuckledragger role was always going to be tough to crack. Seeing MacWilliam and Nilsson not even get to the second weekend is a surprise especially the former as he was gushed over last year.