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Dangle Video: His New Job, the Future Of LFR, and the Leafs Preseason

Friendly neighbourhood video maker Steve Dangle has a grown up job at Sportsnet!

So it turns out that making Maple Leafs videos can actually go somewhere. Who knew? Steve will be joining Sportsnet to cover hockey which is pretty great news. He joins our very own Steve Burtch at the new home of hockey (shudder). He'll be making the rounds of national Sportsnet radio shows to talk hockey about whatever bright, shiny story has attracted the mittenstringers' attention. The good news for Dangle-aholics is that the Leaf Fan Reaction videos and the Steve Dangle podcast will continue. That means that you can find them all here whenever he gets around to posting them. No pressure Steve.

In other news, Dangle talks about the Leafs that have made a good impression this preseason. William Nylander's hair, his hands, and his Swedish-ass name make an appearance as well as the young Connor Brown and Antoine Bibeau who apparently is some sort of superhuman puck stopping machine.