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[Thursday FTB] Crosby on the Run

The dude on the left is named "Jack Crosby," so there's the joke.
The dude on the left is named "Jack Crosby," so there's the joke.
Christian Petersen

Yesterday, QMI News Agency reported Sidney Crosby had been arrested in Ottawa for DUI - turns out, "jail" sounds a lot like "Vale," as the star was in Colorado rather than Canada's Capital. The Sun, devoting all the fact-checking resources you'd expect, . It's nice to see that their news section is following the free-flowing, narrative-independent format that their analysis has taken for years. Y'know what? If you missed it, don't worry about it.


Breaking Down the Maple Leafs 'Moneypuck' Additions
A look at the bottom six late-summer overhaul.

Will the Maple Leafs follow the Oilers’ lead in recognizing Canada’s First Nations hockey history?
Would be great to see.

Former NHLer Mike Grier to coach all-star team of American hockey prospects
Via The Color of Hockey.

POLL: How do you feel about the Krejci Deal? - Stanley Cup of Chowder
David Krejci extended for 6 years at a 7.17 cap hit.

Gary Bettman On Expansion
He says there won't be any. He also said the Thrashers weren't moving two weeks before they became the Winnipeg Jets version 2.

The Tampa Bay Lightning Will Now Play In Amalie Arena
Name change for the Tampa Bay Times Forum.