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[Tuesday's FTB] Stephane Robidas Will Not Be Ready For Camp

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Quick, everyone look surprised.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I was utterly baffled at the optimism that met the news of Stephane Robidas' signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs. That is, people weren't totally trashing the deal. Yes, he's been a useful NHL defenceman, and yes, his possession numbers have looked pretty darn good, but for crying out loud people, he's THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD AND BROKE HIS LEG TWICE LAST SEASON. HE BROKE BOTH HIS FIBULA AND HIS TIBIA IN ONE YEAR (link is ewwy, not for the faint of heart). AND THE LEAFS HAVE SIGNED HIM TO A MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR DEAL UNTIL HE'S 40! AND HE WON'T BE READY FOR TRAINING CAMP!

From the article:

Le défenseur espère tout de même être en mesure de prendre part aux deux derniers matchs préparatoires des Leafs.


The defenceman still hopes to be in good enough shape to take part in the two final pre-season games for the Leafs.

OK, yes, he'll still get some form of a pre-season in, but honestly, why would you sign an ancient defender to a multi-year deal with gigantic injury problems and huge question marks surrounding his ability to come back WITHOUT GETTING MEDICAL ASSURANCE THAT HE WAS FIT TO PLAY, FIRST!? I FEEL LIKE I INVENTED THE PIANO-KEY NECKTIE AND THEN STARTED TAKING CRAZY PILLS. He had NO LEVERAGE. HE LITERALLY THOUGHT HIS CAREER WAS OVER.

Yeah, I was pretty sure not a single sane person would offer me even a penny, but then the Leafs' front office just walked into my house carrying bags and bags of money. Dave Nonis had that confused look in his eye, like when I found my grandpa at the bus station, so I figured he'd be a good guy to be my new boss, and so I signed in Toronto. They have a good team, right? I'm sure I'll play a sheltered role.

(two thumbs up)

- Stephane Robidas, probably

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