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Back to the System That Worked*!

Leafs aren't winning under head coach Peter Horachek. This is unacceptable to stupid people.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

With the Leafs getting shutout in back to back games under new head coach Peter Horachek, all of the usual morons who make up the Toronto MSM have been squawking incessantly that they'd rather Carlyle be back because the team at least could score goals under him giving them a chance to, ya know, win some fucking games!

This is stupid. The people saying this are stupid. Here's why:

  • Leafs' record over Carlyle's last four games: 1-3-0; 2pts
  • Leafs' recover over Horachek's first four games: 1-3-0; 2pts

Identical. Neither coach "was better".

  • Leafs' goals for and against over Carlyle's last four games: 7 GF, 14 GA, -7 differential
  • Leafs' goals for and against over Horachek's first four games:7 GF, 14 GA, -7 differential

Identical. Neither coach "was better".

  • Leafs shots for and against over Carlyle's last four games:100 SF, 138 SA, -38 differential
  • Leafs shots for and against over Horachek's first four games:112 SF, 91 SA, +21 differential

Identi........what a minute. Those aren't even close to being the same. In an 4 game span, the Leafs went from a -38 to a +21 in the shot department. That's a +59 swing. That's absurd. So why then aren't the Leafs winning?

  • Leafs sh% and sv% over Carlyle's last four games: 7% shooting, .899 sv%
  • Leafs sh% and sv% over Horachek's first four games: 6.25% shooting, .846 sv%

Oh. That's why. The Leafs are currently in a 853 PDO funk due to some bad goaltending from Jonathan Bernier and some good goaltending from Brayden Holtby, Martin Jones, and Frederik Andersen. Shit happens like that all the time. Sometimes you run into a murderers' row of good goalies and finding the twine isn't easy. Sometimes, even good goalies have bad stretches. Happens all the time.

Unfortunately for the educated among us, this run of bad Leafs luck coincides with new head coach Peter Horachek taking over for known buffoon and Toronto media kiss-ass Randy Carlyle so we have to hear all about how Randy obviously wasn't as bad as he truly was and that it's the fault of players like Kessel and Phaneuf who just suck and are babies and fat and whatever.

The Leafs fired Randy Carlyle, not because of results, but because of process. Why? Because for the first time in decades the Leafs' front office has people who use their brain rather than their gut to construct and run a hockey team. Results don't dictate future results; process does. And right now, the Leafs have a much improved process in place to win hockey games, and that process was put there, and is still being put there, by Peter Horachek.

Give it time smart people. Shut the fuck up dumb people.