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[Friday FTB] Eaten Alive...?


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Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! Staying up late to watch games is not really conducive to being awake for 9:30 classes, so I'm pulling out my best Nostradamus impression for the title. Hopefully I haven't embarrassed myself with its inaccuracy. Just in case, I'm taking a page out of Fox New's journalism guide and adding a question mark at the end, so that, no matter the outcome, I will be right. Anyway, here are some links. I might add some post-game stuff in the morning.

With playoff chances slipping, Leafs season is about what’s next

Mirtle has some thoughts about the rest of the Leafs' season

Brad Marchand slew-foots Derick Brassard; NHL discipline coming? (GIFs)

Colour me shocked.

AHL 3-on-3 overtime is still killing off shootout

Think this is coming to the NHL any time soon?

Dallas Stars Organizational Outlook: Stars Already Set At Forward For Next Year

Defending Big D (heh) looks forward as well.

Nashville Predators Assign Kevin Fiala to Milwaukee

Let's see what he can do in the AHL.

Nicklas Backstrom’s anti-doping drama over vs. IOC

The Nicklas Backstrom doping saga comes to an end.

Zeitgeist: Large deposit of Islanders fans found underneath Nassau Coliseum

Almost as bad of an experience as being an Islanders fan for the last three decades.

Laval Predators brawl leaves a trail of carnage and suspensions (Video)

Things are getting ugly in Quebec. Oh, also there was a pre-game brawl a couple nights ago.