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[Saturday FTB] - Feeling Blue

The Leafs head to St. Louis after losing all three games in California.

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I miss Species.
I miss Species.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Mirtle: Leafs in limbo after pointless California trip
There are uncomfortable questions being asked about the Leafs right now which really don’t have a whole lot to do with an 0-3 trip through California.

Horachek has Leafs generating more scoring chances
Some guy named Stephen Burtch thinks Horachek is doing some good work. But he's never played the game, so take this all with a grain of salt.

Sharks GM Wilson denies mishandling Burish situation
Either someone is lying here; Adam Burish, Doug Wilson, or Todd McLellan; or Burish is just dumb, forgot he was waived, and embarrassed the fuck out of himself showing up for practice anyway.

Goalie Goal! Reto Berra gets an empty netter
He does the whole bench glove tap celly, which the other team doesn't really appreciate.

Dan Carcillo injures Mathieu Perreault with vicious cross-check (Gross Video)
Perreault's arm looks to bend/break in an almost cartoonish way.

Researchers use dollar signs to show NHL the cost of brain injuries
$117,191,045 has been paid out to 35 players who could no longer play because of concussions but were still on contract. The article includes a list of the biggest payouts at the end. One ex-Leaf is on it. The name may surprise you.

U of O scraps men’s hockey season for 2015-16
Continuing to reel from the sexual assault scandal, U of O has suspended its hockey program for another season, however the players not charged in the incident have launched a class-action lawsuit against the university and its president to press for the program to be reinstated.

ICYMI: Ejected player clotheslines himself with own hockey stick
I somehow missed this from earlier in the week, but found a link to it from DGB. Mitchell Skiba's highlight will live forever on every hockey blooper reel.

For the record: Daniel Sedin says Nylander was Modo's best player. Suck on that Per-Åge Skrøder!

And DiManno wrote a column about how the Leafs "have lost their mojo". Clearly she was too dumb to help Jake find his cheese.