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[Monday FTB] Homeward Bound

Leafs come home after a win-less road trip

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! Happy Monday. Leafs come home after losing four straight and take on Carolina tonight. Finally, a lesser opponent. Maybe they'll even score a goal tonight! Hope springs eternal, it seems. Here are some links to start off your week:

Following a tough road trip, the Leafs—and their fans—looking for answers that may not exist

From Michael Langlois.

Marc Staal and Rangers officially agree to six-year contract

Marc Staal signs an extension; six years at $5.7 million per.

Puck Daddy chats with David Perron about trade to Penguins, losing in Edmonton

Bet he's glad he's no longer stuck in Alberta.

One year later; the certainty of Steven Stamkos' future

We've cheered for a terrible team for over a decade. We deserve this, right?

Rob Tychkowski twists Oilers coach Todd Nelson's quotes to trash Tyler Dellow

Laaaaazy journalism.