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[Tuesday's FTB] The Test Continues

Haven't thrown your jersey yet? You're passing!

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to test fans' patience by turning in a turd of a game last night against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Leafs weren't without chances, and hey, Nazem Kadri did break the shutout, but this was a game most will want to forget. With this 4-1 loss to the Canes, the playoff odds is starting to look pretty bleak and many are already calling for a rebuild.

You can sense people's impatience with this team not only in the fans' reactions but even in the reporters who are forced to cover this team. Honestly, the past decade has been so futile that it's easy to see why even the most professional writers wind up rolling their eyes as the Leafs cruise to another playoff-free spring. I can't find the article with the actual numbers at the moment, but basically, teams who aren't in playoff spots at the All-Star break have an absolutely tiny chance of making it.

If you haven't thrown your jersey on the ice in either a literal or metaphorical sense, good for you. If you did throw your jersey on the ice in either sense (provided that it was during a stoppage in play) good for you. Fans seem to allow themselves to be told that this is a taboo thing, but it's really not. It's your stupid Luke Schenn jersey. Do what you want with it. "It's disrespectful to the players!" "You are correct!"

James Mirtle, Ray Ferraro, and several other media folks were commenting last night on how quiet the ACC was. Maybe the fans should be cheering to try to get their team going. Maybe they should be booing to show their displeasure. Ultimately, I think indifference is simply setting in, and it's hard to blame fans for that.

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