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[Wednesday's FTB] Is It As Bad As It Seems?

Some links to prepare you for the last game before the All-Star break

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

After the initial (and sustained?) jubilation that followed Carlyle's firing (it's still an indescribable thrill to be able to type that sentence), Leaf Land has resumed its typically depressing programming. Many have suggested that things aren't as bad as they seem, since their PDO chart for the season is depressing, not to mention that they just went through California and St. Louis. But still, their chances at this point of making the playoffs are, shall we say, not good. If the playoffs are a pipe dream at this point, what are you hoping for this season? Tanking? Some promising play?

The All-Star break can't come fast enough-- not because I will be watching it (aside from gifs of the highlights featuring the unsurprisingly hideous jerseys), but because I think that the Leafs and I need a little break. Maybe it will be just the shot in the arm our relationship needs.

Leafs vs. Senators Game Preview--Toronto Star

Noted villain Chris Neil is back after missing 16 games due to a knee injury.

Leafs Bring Up Leivo and Percy--The Leafs Nation

Whatever the Leafs' Problems, this is Brendan Shanahan's Show--Bruce Arthur

"They tried to break Corsi by winning when it was terrible, and now they’re trying to break Corsi by losing when it’s not."

Oilers or Maple Leafs: Which Team Is Better Off?-- Sportsnet

I nearly didn't link to this article because of the reference to an "overweight" Maple Leafs core. I have no patience for critiques like this, which are lazier than what they accuse Phil Kessel of being. Athletes come in all sizes.

Three Maple Leafs Fans Charged for Throwing Jerseys Onto the Ice--Deadspin

Which is better: throwing jerseys, or throwing waffles? Throw them or don't throw them, just don't compare them to dead soldiers.

Dean Blundell Takes Over Morning Show on Sportsnet 590 The Fan--Toronto Star

Suggested alternate title: "The Fan Announces Plan to Limit Listeners to Straight Guys Who Like Offending Marginalized Groups and Those Who Support Them"

10 Facts About a Fun Team: The 1988-89 Buffalo Sabres--Down Goes Brown

Reading about a team that lost 9-0 twice in one season might make you feel good about the Leafs.

Better Know a Bad Preseason Prediction: The Nashville Predators-- The Faceoff Circle

An exciting debut on The Faceoff Circle by @50_MissionCap