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Gameday Open Thread - Maple Leafs @ Senators

The Leafs head to their home away from home to take on the Senators.

This is the kid they wanted
This is the kid they wanted
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Oh boy. I don't even know what to say right now. Yes, it's a road trip to Ottawa which means we could get some hilarious whining from the Senators, or their fans, about "bloo bloo bloo we can't keep mean old Leafs fans out of our rink and their more popular than we are"

That I can get excited for.

Otherwise? Fuck it..

The Leafs have fallen way out of a playoff spot. 9 points back of Boston for that last wild card spot. The Senators are only 2 points behind the Leafs (thanks to the loser point, Leafs have 4 more wins).  It's still being called the "Battle of Ontario" despite there being no playoff games between these two since the Leafs beat Ottawa in the first round in 2004, eleven years ago. Rivalries are only fun when both teams are good, not two middling teams who make up their goddamn minds whether to make the playoffs or get a good draft pick.  The best we can hope for is a player chases a fan into the stands for tossing a jersey at the bench, but Komarov won't be playing so I doubt it happens.

If you want to watch something exciting, try to get the Sault Ste. Marie/ Barrie game tonight. Two of the top OHL teams should make up for two of the "meh-est" teams around. If not, let's move on to whats up tonight on ROGERS SCOTIABANK WEDNESDAY NIGHT HOCKEY SUPER SHOW.

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Silver Seven Sens

Past Five Games - Leafs
Ugh. The Leafs have won ZERO of their past five games. A 0-5 record. 4 games in a west coast road trip and they came home, shit the bed in a 4-1 loss and had some jerseys tossed at them. Leafs have scored TWO FUCKING GOALS in their past 5 games. That's how it's gone. Just fucking peachy.

Past Five Games - Sens
The Sens are 2-2-1 in their past 5 with 17 GF and 13 GA. The lost in overtime to the Rangers in their last game and would love to beat the Leafs in the CTC, if only to not be booed on home ice by opposing fans.

Maple Leafs Projected Lines
No morning skate today, here's what we saw in practice yesterday

van Riemsdyk-Kadri-Kessel

Bozak was absent yesterday, but Komarov will not play so I'd guess and swap those two on the second line.

No notes on D from yesterday, but they called up Percy.

Reimer could start tonight. He's 8-1-0 career vs Ottawa. .965 sv%.

Senators Projected Lines




Craig Anderson will start in his 400th career game tonight.  Komarov will not play.

My (Grumpy Cynical) Prediction
The Leafs will win this one. It won't be close, probably 5-2. We'll go into the All-Star break on a high note. People will feel good about the team, feel they've turned a corner, then February will come....

Uhh...the game for tonight disappeared from the list when I looked so, use this as your GDT for now.