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Rating Leafs Forwards at the All-Star Break

A quick look at the performance of Leafs forwards at the unofficial midpoint of the season

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned in my previous post on my little radar chart project, I'd be posting the Leafs forwards radar charts as of the All-Star break. As I mentioned before, these are certainly not super comprehensive or mathematically rigorous. There's a lot of debate regarding the use of radar charts in general and whether they're useful, as opposed to bar or line charts instead. To me, the benefit is that it's easier to get a quick visual of a player with this method, though I definitely agree with some of the points raised by those who find the method to be tacky and misused.

I've attached a link to an Imgur album below, where you'll find radar charts for each of the Leafs 12 forwards who have played more than 250 minutes at 5v5, as of the end of last night's game against the Sens.

The chart has changed slightly since my primer post. Instead of raw ZS%, I'm now using ZS%Rel, which more accurately reflects usage (less team effects in that). I've also scrapped the outputting of raw values, and just map the performance of a player onto it's rank in the league in terms of percentile. This has the benefit of being much easier to read, and decluttering the chart. It's important to note that for CorT% (which I'd like to replace with CorT%Rel, for the same reason I did with zone starts), and ZS%Rel, the percentiles have been 'flipped'. Essentially, I made it such that low values of ZS%Rel and CorT% (i.e. highly unsheltered) maps to a high percentile. More simply, for those statistics, lower values represent harder situations for the players. As a general interpretation for the chart is 'bigger = better' (although it's not quite that simple), it would be unintuitive to map low zone starts and poor teammates to low percentiles, as we would generally credit players for succeeding in those circumstances.

As always, let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

Link to Full Album

Nazem Kadri's Chart

Daniel Winnik's Chart

James Van Riemsdyk's Chart

Leo Komarov's Chart

Joffrey Lupul's Chart

Richard Panik's Chart

Phil Kessel's Chart

Tyler Bozak's Chart

Peter Holland's Chart

David Clarkson's Chart

Mike Santorelli's Chart

Trevor Smith's Chart