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[Saturday FTB] - All-Star Skills Competition

It's a lazy Saturday for the NHL

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I was at the Bulldogs game to see Nylander last night in his 'fantastic debuted'. It was First Responders' Night, and the Habs farm team took up their parent club's tradition of extremely long and boring ceremonies before the game. They had the Hamilton Chief of Police and Fire Chief repel down from Copps' ceiling before the start of the game; which was admittedly pretty cool to see as who would believe they could actually still do that.

Nylander made some great plays, but didn't get much ice time, which makes sense since it was his first game with the team. Viktor Loov looked great on D, especially when he laid out Greg 'the Habs actually traded Grabovski for me' Pateryn. Matt 'lawnmower tosser' Frattin made some good plays, but also some stinkers. Carter Ashton was there, and I don't remember anything he did, though I assume he was crying, or inhaling. Oh, and Tyler Biggs was there! Congrats to the Leafs wasted first round pick on getting called up from the Orlando Solar Bears. /sigh

Despite Nylander's impressive flow, and Bibeau shutting out the Bulldogs for most of the game, the Marlies ended up losing 3-0. $3 beers helped me not care too much.  I was mostly just irritated by "that guy" sitting behind me that felt it necessary to provide inane and cliched play-by-play commentary for the entire game. Though I would still rather listen to him than Glenn Healy.

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