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[Saturday's FTB] Leafs Lose, Canada Wins

At least there's more Leafs hockey on again tonight!

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Leafs Links:

Recap: Leafs fall to Wild in Minnesota
Highlights and a recap from CBC via the AP.

Game 39 Scoring Chances: Wild 3 vs. Maple Leafs 1
Also included in this one are the cumulative scoring chance numbers for the Leafs on the season. From MLHS.

Leafs Postgame - Leafs Fall to Wild
Justin Fisher at TLN's take.

Other Links:

World Juniors: Canada semi-final bound after blowout win
Recap and highlights from CBC via the AP.

Canada Eats Danishes For Dinner
Bobby Cappuccino with his own recap of the Canada game at TLN.

Evgeni Malkin and Craig Adams fight backlash: Team says it will blow over
It's funny that the most spirited hockey fights in the NHL (and definitely the least-planned) seem to occur in practices. Story from Pensburgh.

Claude Giroux narrowly avoids serious leg injury, thanks to Kevlar sock
Phewf. Story from Al K. at BSH.

Perron traded to Pens for a 1st round pick
Oilers in full McEichel mode Now. Story from Copper & Blue.

How to combine the Winter Classic and the All-Star Game
The January 1st between the Hawks and Caps generated the lowest-ever set of ratings for a Winter Classic. Wyshynski considers how to improve on that.

U.S. fails to medal for second straight year at World Junior Championship
Bummer. I guess. Article from