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VIDEO: Jonathan Bernier lets in wildly embarrassing goal before letting in another terrible goal, Leafs lose again

Jonathan Bernier lets in yet another howler bringing his Maple Leafs' career total of just unacceptably bad goals to probably around 30. Remind you of anyone else?

Oh, this one he catches.
Oh, this one he catches.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Leafs were winning which, recently at least, has become a rare sight. Taking a 1-0 lead into the third, the Leafs were trying to finish off the Coyotes on their powerplay. One night after blowing a third period lead, the ice wasn't even dry after the intermission flood when this happened five seconds into the period

Good lord. Jonathan Bernier has been slightly above average as a Leaf goalie but one thing that has been a constant is his ability to allow just braindead goals. These kinds of goals aren't exactly new to the Maple Leafs though. I won't comb the archives but there was Vesa Toskala's famous 187 foot shorthanded goal against by the Islanders

But for me, the one that hurt the most was this one from a December 18, 2009 Leafs-Sabres game in Buffalo. It is especially painful because my buddies and I were about 15 rows up from Toskala's net and could see the idiot Finn basically throw the puck into his own net through gross incompetence.

That goal prompted the post that has gotten Chemmy and I our one and only talking to from SBN overlords about content.