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So uh, that was fun, eh? Let's discuss...

Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

So I turned to my wife and said "Hey look, a team with a maple leaf on its sweater up 4-1 in an elimination game...". Then she hit me. Then Canada scored. "Uh-huh" she said. I replied "Just wait...."

Thankfully I was wrong but it was a close one. Hats off to those Russian kids, that game was a giant mess but damn it was fun.

Here's some links, then back to the Maple Leafs grind.

Man that's a tough way to come down from that high.

World Jr Links

Team Canada calmed nerves with round of 'tic-tac-tao' at the moment of truth - BTN

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For Slovakia, first bronze medal in 16 years brings 'indescribable feelings' - BTN

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Canada wins gold medal in wild game - Eyes On The Prize

NHL Links

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Winnipeg Jets Lose By a Pickle to the San Jose Sharks - Arctic Ice Hockey
Your wrap up of the only NHL game last night. I think BoC summed it up well.

What to do with Anthony Duclair - Blue Seat Blogs
Rangers face a tough call with a player coming back from the WJC

John Klingman? Dominic Roussel? NBC & NHL Must Address Constant National Broadcast Errors - Defending Big D
Heh, yeah don't worry Dallas fans, national broadcasters don't put much effort into Leafs games either

Down Goes Brown: Weekend wrap: It's getting ugly for two Western contenders

Keith Ballard considers retirement after horrific hit vs. Islanders | Puck Daddy