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Randy Carlyle Has Been Fired By The Maple Leafs

The day we feared would never come.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Canada's juniors won gold in a wildly entertaining game that I was lucky enough to attend. This morning, the Maple Leafs decided to extend my high by firing Randy Carlyle with what I assume is extreme prejudice. To say that this day was a long time coming is an understatement. It should have been Brendan Shanahan's second move on his first day on the job right after he fired David Nonis.

Instead, he was inexplicably extended and as you can imagine we lamented the culture of entitlement that saw him keep his job despite repeatedly being shown to be an abject failure. His tenure was difficult to watch, impossible to support without detaching oneself from reality, and lasted far too long. His media lapdogs will have to perform some serious gymnastics to distance themselves from their cheerleading and from the disservice they did to fans by pretending that he wasn't a massive problem with the Leafs. WIth his departure, the Leafs can finally begin evaluating the team without being hampered by a dinosaur.

I wish Randy Carlyle the man all of the best but have never been happier to see the back of a coach. Good riddance.