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Phil Kessel Calls Dave Feschuk An Idiot, Is 100% Right

Phil Kessel did not take kindly to a purposely imflammatory question posed by local mittenstringer Dave Feschuk. The reaction is priceless.

"That Feschuk guy has always been an idiot"
"That Feschuk guy has always been an idiot"
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the Leafs' media availability today, Ron Wilson went on TSN radio and dropped a lot of bombs - the kind that suggest that he'll never coach in the NHL again and has realized it - and was especially harsh on Kessel. The suggestion was that Phil Kessel is uncoachable and that he is a major problem with the Maple Leafs. Dave Feschuk, noted provocateur, has often denigrated the character of various people associated with the Maple Leafs including Phil Kessel so you can imagine how it went over when he asked Kessel if he was in fact uncoachable. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine because there is video and also a transcript below:

Feschuk: It's been suggested to that you're a difficult guy to coach is there any truth to that?

Kessel: I don't think so but that's a weird question for you to ask on a day like that, you know your coach got fired

Feschuk: Well you're the best player on the team and if the coach just got fired

Kessel: You think it's my fault? Is that what you're saying?

Feschuk: I'm saying that people are saying you're difficult to coach

Kessel: Is that what you're saying?

Feschuk: I'm asking a questions, are you difficult to coach?

Kessel: I don't think so. I play eh. This guy is such an idiot here. He's always been like that here.

And a fun vine courtesy of @PeteBlackburn

The part I found interesting beyond seeing Feschuk put in his place was that Feschuk reveals part of his thinking. Since Kessel is the best player, any faults of the team are his fault. It's that kind of paint by numbers coverage of the Leafs that we've come to expect from Feschuk.


More video has come out from this confrontation that followed the conversation a little longer. Kessel goes on to say that no other reporters disrespect players like Feschuk repeatedly does.