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A Toast to Brendan Shanahan

Let's begin the Post-Randy Carlyle Era by crowning a prognosticating champion

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Way back in November, we ran a contest of sorts to see who could guess when Randy Carlyle would get the ax in Toronto. Only one person guessed January 6th, 2015 and that person is Twitter user @jon_vh. Take a bow Jon! There will be no prize.

Randy Carlyle Fired Links

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Other Links

Kessel vs. Feschuk - The Extended Directors Edition

There was more to be seen and heard than just the "this guy is an idiot" quote, and it's so so so good.

McDavid, Eichel Add to Reputations at World Juniors

Yeah, these guys are going to be scary good.

Ron Wilson Interview

What a total douchebag. He's not taking the involuntary retirement well it seems.

Carter Ashton Placed on Waivers

Looks like the rumors were true regarding the Leafs knowing an Ashton suspension was coming and leaving him up with the big club to help him make a few more bucks.