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[Thursday FTB] - The post-Carlyle era begins

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Change comes in small doses for newly-led Maple Leafs
TSN recaps the first game under new interim head coach Peter Horachek.

Leafs lose to Capitals despite coaching change
Fire Horachek!

New coach means new lines for Leafs, Kessel
ICYMI last night's game featured some new line-up combos. Mirtle thinks the first tweaks of the Horachek era are about two things: balance and possession.

No links to Sportsnet due to them all being sensationalist crap.

MOAR MIRTLE: Leafs now on outside looking in at playoff picture
Looking at projected records right now, the Leafs are on pace to finish 19th in the NHL and 10th in the East

Kessel is hot topic right now, thanks to one cranky ex-Leaf coach calling him out for his so called "streakiness". But did you know the PPP brain-trust has already debunked the myth of Kessel as streaky? Our resident crank and contrarian most recently took this on after the end 2013 season. In fact PPPers were refuting this as far back as four and even five years ago!

Take the Phil Kessel Media Criticism Quiz!
ICYMI: Puck Daddy challenges you to differentiate between media critiques of Phil Kessel, Alex Ovechkin and Justin Bieber!

Connor Brown Named to 2015 AHL All-Star Roster
Congrats Connor!

Mismatches and the underutilized option of a skilled fourth line - Eyes On The Prize
It's like we're watching the end of an era unfold across the NHL.

Mike Yeo goes bonkers at Wild practice, leaves ice (Video)
Carlyle wasn't the only coach in the news yesterday.