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Game #3 Open Thread: Leafs vs. Erik Karlsson's short hair

You know full well you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than chatting about Karlsson's hair cut.

I spent my last dollar on this dumb hat.
I spent my last dollar on this dumb hat.
Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

In case you don't follow me or teenage girl hockey fans on Tumblr you may have missed the biggest news in hockey since Erik Karlsson was drafted: Erik Karlsson cut his hair.

This was such big news that the CBC even made wrote a story about it - though it was really just a collection of tweets - and how lazy is that? I mean if I wanted to look at tweets I would use Twitter, amirite Scott Wheeler!?

So far Karlsson's lack of long locks hasn't left his team luckless. In their first game last Thursday the Senators defeated Jack "calculator error percent more goals than Connor McBust" Eichel, and the Buffalo Sabres, 3-1.

Tonight is the Senator's second game, and second on the road, because you know a conversation like this happened:

BETTMAN: We've scheduled all 29 home openers. Good work everyone.

DALY: Wait. Aren't there 30 teams in the league? Isn't there a second team in Ontario?

BETTMAN: A second team in Ontario? There can't be a second team in Ontario. If the Leafs ever won the cup that second team wouldn't exist.

Oh, wait. That conversation did happen.

Ottawa Senators vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

7:00 PM on CBC Hockey Night in Canada!

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