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From the Branches: Leafs get a point, Marlies win, Jays need to win

"When things go bad we seem to feel bad and seem to be fragile and don't keep playing, but tonight we kept playing." -- Babcock

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, Blue Jays. It's time to gird those highly paid loins and win it. I'm going to lead with Blue Jays news today because the series needs to go to five.

Jays News

More on yesterday's game | BBB
"It really was a great game. I wish Edwin's deep fly had gone 5 feet further, that would have made it so much better, but it was a great game, they type of game you want to see in the playoffs. Just the wrong team won."

Down 0-2, Blue Jays remain confident against Rangers | Newsday

Don Cherry thinks MLB may have agenda against Blue Jays | CBC
Don Cherry and the rest of Canada. gameday notes for Sunday, Oct. 11

Leafs News

Game Recap: Leafs Tie Little Brother 4-4, Lose Rock/Paper/Scissors | PPP
"The Toronto Maple Leafs played a hockey game today. It just so happens to be the first full one I have watched this year, and probably the first I've watched intently since the team went into all out tailspin by last February. Boy, was that like night and day."

WATCH: Marlies win shootout thriller over Moose, improve to 2-0 | PPP

We need to talk about these Mike Babsocks | PPP

Jimmy Vesey, family ties, and the Toronto Maple Leafs | TLN

LFR9 - Game 2 - Tor 0, Det 4 | Dangle

7 things we learned in the NHL: Is the Battle of Ontario back? | Sportsnet
Did it go anywhere?

Hockey News

Fanpost: The bad precedent of Mike Richards' termination settlement | PPP fanpost

It’s going to take some time for McDavid to adjust to NHL | Sportsnet
I think Jonathan Drouin should give him a call.

Alex Ovechkin opens up about brother’s death, early NHL days (Video) | Puck Daddy

One new NHL rule will make keeping players fresh a big challenge | NY Post

Islanders Fans Came. They Didn’t See. They Griped. | NYT
New Islanders arena is no bueno?


Panthers roar out of the gate, rout Flyers 7-1 | LBC
Jagr's pre-game meal is still the blood of rookies.

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