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Toronto Maple Leafs Come Together for Jays victory

Leafs and prospects watched the Jays' game five victory, and their feelings ran strong on social media.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It has been twenty-two years since the Toronto Blue Jays have entered the playoffs, advancing to win the world series in 1993. Not to get ahead of ourselves, history was made tonight when the Blue Jays became the third team in MLB history to fight their way back after losing the first two playoff games at home to win the series.

Maple Leafs players and prospects were filled with just as much fervor as the rest of Toronto, and the tweets poured forth. Here is their reaction to today's amazing victory, including some rage and joy at the ups and downs of a historically crazy 7th inning.

Aaaaand he got one. @jgardiner272

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And from the Marlies and other prospects: