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Game 4 Recap - Y'all were watching the Blue Jays

The Maple Leafs won their first game under Mike Babcock, and nobody will remember it.

Anybody catch the Jays score?
Anybody catch the Jays score?
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This wasn't exactly a classic for the ages, and going opposite Game 1 of the ALCS, I'd guess most people relegated this game to their picture-in-picture or toggled over on commercial breaks.

Thankfully for you all I'm not a fan of baseball so I stayed off the bandwagon tonight and watched the Maple Leafs go down to Columbus and pick up their first victory of the season, a 6-3 victory over the Blue Jackets.

Let's review what you missed, shall we?

Boone Jenner goal, 1-0 Columbus

Sometimes a guy just makes a real great play and they score. Boone Jenner redirects a harmless shot from the point off a faceoff win. It should be pointed out the shot is like eight feet wide so it's hard to give James Reimer too much grief for being beat here or to Gardiner for not getting Jenner's stick tied up for a shot going eight feet wide.

Jake Gardiner goal, 1-1

Last year if all three Leaf forwards were below the goal line I'd have expected the Leafs to not come away with the puck and give up a 4-on-2 going back the other way. Instead, the Shawn Matthias, Joffrey Lupul and Daniel Winnik line outwork the Blue Jackets' defenders, and Winnik feeds Gardiner at the point who puts a rocket past Sergei Bobrovsky to tie the game 29 seconds into the second period.

James van Riemsdyk goal, 2-1 Maple Leafs

The Leafs continued their success in exiting the zone quickly and efficiently, and here it leads directly to a goal off the rush. Tyler Bozak does a great job dishing off to JVR then going to the net, helping create a screen that van Riemsdyk uses to beat Bobrovksy.

Nazem Kadri goal, 3-1 Maple Leafs

Kadri gets rewarded here for some tremendous forechecking by his linemates, and when Brad Boyes forces Jack Johnson into a horrendous backhand pass from the corner in front of the net, Kadri gets a plum chance out of nowhere and then taps his rebound home past Bobrovsky who has no chance.

Not hard to see why Bobrovsky says he has "no confidence" at the moment.

Nick Foligno goal, 3-2 Maple Leafs

It took me like eight viewings of this GIF (from a weird angle) to figure out that the puck gets batted out of the air by the Jacket on Reimer's right side of the net (... I think). The puck caroms back around to the other side of the net, everyone on the Leafs thinks it's gone the opposite direction, and Foligno grabs the puck before anyone can notice.

Scott Hartnell goal, 3-3

The Leafs' struggles on the penalty kill continue and Hartnell beats Reimer from a pretty dangerous area. There's definitely a communication breakdown here because Matt Hunwick is taking away a pass down low but has no idea Hartnell snuck in behind him, which is why the pass just sails by him towards Hartnell.

Joffrey Lupul goal, 4-3 Maple Leafs

So far in this game, Bobrovsky got the Jackets out of the first with the lead, the Jackets defence put them down two midway through the second, and the Leafs defence allowed the Jackets to tie it up going into the third.

Sergei Bobrovsky hasn't played well to start the season and he basically coughs the two points back up to the Leafs with some help from his team playing inept defence.

DIon Phaneuf barely keeps a puck on-side to sustain pressure, and whips the puck towards the net where Lupul finds it, spins off the defender and puts an ugly one through Bobrovsky's pads.

Leo Komarov goal, 5-3 Maple Leafs

Everything about this play was hilariously stupid and a good reason why you should have watched the baseball game instead. Komarov would score an empty net goal to make it 6-3 and seal the Leafs win.

Overall Thoughts

- This game kind of felt like watching a portal to the past and to the future. On one side you have the Leafs, working hard, battling for every puck, effortlessly moving the puck out of their end with a lunchpail squad that lacks the top-end talent to compete most nights. On the other you had a team that was in shambles in their own zone and a team with a lot of money committed to a lot of players that aren't as good as their contracts suggest.

- Columbus looksd... not good. Ryan Johansen was invisible tonight, Brandon Saad couldn't seem to get anything going. I think I am out of Blue Jackets players I recognize.

- James Reimer was fine tonight, but his statline looks a lot worse because he snuck off for part of the second to join the Leaf fans sitting in front of Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro who were watching the baseball game on a television in the box rather than watch the hockey game they paid to attend.

- I only made up one part of that above point. Seriously all Reimer had to do tonight was be better than "awful", and he accomplished that. The team took care of the rest.

- David Clarkson tried to fight Dion Phaneuf. It didn't exactly go well for either of them.

- Speaking of Clarkson that above moment was the only time in the game I realized he was playing in it.

- Speaking of Clarkson again, it was downright shocking to see Lupul effectively doing everything that Clarkson was supposed to do here (non water bottle policing duties), and get rewarded with the deciding goal.

- Joffrey Lupul is mucking and grinding and Tyler Bozak (who left the game for a chunk of the second and then for good early in the third) is apparently now a Corsi factory. Mike Babcock is a gooddamn wizard.

- The Leafs play tomorrow in Pittsburgh. I'd be lying if I didn't hope for Phil Kessel to just tear us apart for sport.