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Lowered Expectations: No one at SBN loves the Maple Leafs

Looking at the SBNation Season preview, no one has much faith in the Maple Leafs this season.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

The SBNation 2015/16 NHL preview is here and in it they made all kinds of predictions. Each division was ranked by each voter and the Leafs were... not well liked.

As you can see, seven out of ten voters placed the Leafs last in the Atlantic division, with two giving them an edge over the Panthers (Stephanie) and the Senators (Good troll job Scott!). Campfire bot was our only supporter, placing the Leafs in the playoffs at third, behind the Canadiens and Senators (an Ottawa/Toronto playoff match up? Hello second round!).

That's where we've sunk to, relying on damn bots to be our friends.

PPP is preparing our own predictions for the season, you'll see that on Monday, but do you think the Leafs will out perform these "experts"?