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Farewell to Tim Leiweke as Michael Friisdahl takes over MLSE

We have your departure parade planned out, and it's fantastic.

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It's been sometime since we heard anything from Tim Leiweke. I guess he's been in "media jail", which I presume is in the sub-basement of the ACC where they also keep Cliff Fletcher's sarcophagus, and the never opened boxes containing 100,000 David Clarkson bobbleheads.

Why would Leiweke earn such a fate? Well he had a bad habit of talking too much, and by too much I mean at all. Right from the start this pompous windbag couldn't stop putting his foot in his mouth every 5 minutes.

Tim Leiweke's greatest hits:

"I have it planned out and it's going to be fantastic." - Plan the parade folks! What could go wrong with a statement like that.

I know this ’keeper very well. I don’t know the one we inherited. If the one we inherited is anything like the one we’re bringing in, we have the best tandem of goalkeepers in the NHL. - I think he mixed up the two Jonathan's in LA.

"October was not a fluke." - It was.

"I’m a big Dave Nonis fan." - And he gave him a five year extension!

"There are players we have in our organization today whose numbers are off-the-chart good, and whose character is just terrible." - I think he meant management.

"Mark it down, write it down, film it … We’re going to turn TFC around and we’re going to make the playoffs next year." - They didn't.

"We’ve left plenty of room up there for Stanley Cup banners. This doesn’t take away from the Leafs." - Leiweke on the Bon Jovi napkin.

"I’ve said I’m focused on the upcoming season, and nothing has changed" - He tendered his resignation 24 hours later.

We even heard from his wife whose top priority was to find a cobbler to remove salt stains from her uggs.

Finally, our long civic nightmare is finally over. Tim Leiweke has been replaced. He can now go dupe some other sports organization by arranging celebrities to wander the halls, ship in cases of wine, and make pronouncements about how great he is.

Leiweke had one great achievement in his time at MLSE: restructuring management to insulate the sports decision makers from himself. I don't think the new guy will be trading for players his daughter married, or giving them cushy jobs as California based pro-scouts.

Meet the new guy

The new MLSE CEO is Michael Friisdahl, an executive with Air Canada heading the vacation and tour package group. A hospitality background is nice. If anyone knows about great customer service, it's Air Canada, amirite!

What innovations could he bring to the ACC?

Overselling seats - you better show up early because four people have bought tickets for your seat. Don't worry if you miss out: you will receive a voucher for free tickets to any Tuesday night game vs. the Hurricanes.

Coat check - You can check your coat! How convenient! Of course when you go to pick it up after the game you will find out it was accidentally routed to the Honda Center in Anaheim and they will give you a number to call where you wait on hold three hours to make arrangements to get it back.

Leafoplan Program - Earn points with your everyday purchases which can be put towards buying tickets to Leafs games* and other Leafs merchandise**!

*Blackout restrictions in effect: no Friday or Saturday games; games in November; or games against teams in the Leafs division.

**Earn 1,000,000 points for 50% off a Dave Bolland jersey.

Ladies and gentleman: please fasten your seat belts. We're about to take off.