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Recap: Rangers beat the Maple Leafs.

The Leafs went into New York to play the Rangers. Guess what? They lost.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Game nine. Maple Leafs at Rangers. Win #2 in their sights. Did they get it? No.

If you're still reading, thank you!

Bernier started the game and Mats Zuccarello has a shot less than a minute in, but it does not go in! Hurray! 6 and a half minutes later the Leafs get a shot on goal! It doesn't go in! Boo. Halfway through the first Zuccarello scores! This is good for Rangers fans and my fantasy team, but bad for us Leafs fans.

The Leafs made it out of the first period with only one goal against and no penalties. How did the period go? It was okay, just okay.

In the second shots are taken by both teams, no one scores. Komarov took a slashing penalty. Leafs killed it off. Holland (Oh right, him) took a high sticking penalty. Leafs killed it off. Phaneuf takes two for slashing. Leafs kill it off. Near the end of the second the Leafs spend a good minute peppering Lundqvist with shots but nothing went in.

Lots of Leafs shots open the third period, but five minutes in Zuccarello gets away again and scores his second of the game. The Rangers own the next five minutes, finally Rielly's able to get in for a shot on the Rangers net but the game goes back into Rangers control. With two minutes remaining Lupul gets his third of the season. Nothing much comes of it as Zuccarello completes his hat trick into the empty net. (YAY MY FANTASY TEAM!)

So, I nothing'd that game. I'll admit I napped through some of it, but I've been up since 4:30am. This really isn't a compelling Leafs season for me so far.

On the plus side, here's how the younger Leafs did:

The Marlies beat Grand Rapids 6-1. Brennan, Leivo, Rupert netted goals, and Nylander scored twice. Someone else got the 6th, but no one mentioned who.

Piccinich and Marner both netted two vs Windsor tonight, Korostelev got a goal & assist for Sarnia but they lost to Niagara (woo!), Bracco added his third assist in two games with Kitchener. Dzierkals scored his 10th of the season, Timashov set up the game tying goal for Quebec vs Halifax and...holy shit he's alive..Cody Donaghey scored the OT winner!

So things are looking up for the kids.....if only the big club could mirror their success.

Hope you enjoyed the game! Leafs are at home tomorrow vs Pittsburgh. Welcome back Phil!