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From the Branches: O Boyes

Boyes, Dashin' Dan, and more for your Sunday reading!

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Happy sleepy Sunday! Today was Species' FTB, but I'm pretty sure he's still sleeping off whatever he did last night, so you are #blessed with me again!

Today I noticed that our stealth history fanposter has another excellent bit of Leafs history up, so this walk down memory lane beats last night's game to lead today's FTB. I knew nothing about Dashin' Dan, but now I do!

Leafs News

The Careenin' Career of Dashin' Dan Lewicki | PPP stealth history fanposter guy
"His play was also noticed by Squib Walker, a scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Walker went to the Lewicki household, and offered $100 if Danny agreed to attend training camp. Danny tried to expain this to his mother, who was unable to understand English. She could not comprehend what her son was saying, and feared that her son was being taken from her. She chased Squib, broom in hand, straight out of the house."

WATCH: Andreas Johnson scores on the PP in SHL action | PPP
An interview translated by HEOTP's Zeb Habs with Andreas Johnson will be up shortly!

Wisdom of Crowds - Part 3 | PPP

Leafs Postgame: Toronto loses in final preseason tune-up | TLN
"It may have been against a very young and inexperienced Detroit Red Wings group, but credit where credit is due - this may have been one of the Toronto Maple Leafs' best showings this preseason, specifically on the defensive side of the puck."

Red Wings sweep pre-season series with Maple Leafs | Sportsnet
I hate young goaltender Mrazek for how good he is. I mean, look at this nonsense:

Ugh anyway.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ opening-night roster beginning to take shape | National Post
"Although it was never in doubt, Kadri exceeded the performance level that was expected of him during Saturday night’s 2-1 loss to the Detroit Red Wings."

Scott Harrington could be among surprises on Toronto Maple Leafs opening roster | The Star

Scott Harrington Earning a Spot With Maple Leafs | Today's Slapshot

What to do with Willy? | Leafs Hub

Other News

NHL's big change is three-on-three in overtime | LA Times

How Kacey Bellamy Moved to the NWHL | TSS
"A number of those women were leaving the CWHL to move to the NWHL, which created a small uproar when it came to women’s hockey. What would happen to the CWHL? How would the NWHL handle all this press and star power? What, exactly, took so long when players had known about this new league since April?"

NHL Preview: Who will bring the Stanley Cup back to the Eastern Conference? | LA Times
"[T]he biggest trophy of them all — the Stanley Cup — has taken up residence out West. An East team has won the Cup only once in the last six seasons, when the Boston Bruins triumphed in 2011."

NHL Preview: How the Western Conference will be won | LA Times

N.H.L. Coaches Face Algebra Problem of What’s Too Often for a Goalie | New York Times
"Balancing a goalie’s workload over an 82-game season is tricky. Earning a playoff berth usually means playing the best goalie as often as possible — even when the team will need him in the long postseason when he is the player who can steal a game and even a series in the chase for a Stanley Cup title."