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Andreas Johnson discusses future with Leafs in interview with Frölundapodden

Andreas Johnson answers important questions like when he might show up in Toronto (and why his nickname is "Mango").

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Maple Leafs prospect Andreas Johnson currently plays for Frölunda, and managed to score this highlight-reel goal against Skellefteå AIK yesterday. Today, Patrik B of Habs Eyes on the Prize translated an interview that Johnson did with Frölundapodden.

If you know Swedish, or want to hear Johnson's voice, you can listen to it here:

The interviewer starts by asking how Andreas' nickname became Mango, due to Gothenburg slang.

Andreas laughs and tells them that his coach (whom he mentions by his first name, "Roger") uses the slang word for idiot instead: "Mongo"...

From there the interview turns more serious and really takes off with a question about whether Andreas is Jonas Johnson's son. (Jonas is hockey royalty in Gothenburg). Andreas says that he and his father had talked about it just a few weeks ago when Jonas had been talked about as Andreas' dad. They both thought it was funny and a sign that things are going the right way.

Q: Was it difficult or inspiring to have a famous dad?

A: Both, I mean a lot of people compare our play as similar, and that's inspring because dad was a really good player. But at the start there was a lot of talk about "he only gets to play because his father is famous." It gave me an extra kick and sometimes became my driving force, I have now shown them all up and they can't really say that anymore. It feels good, but yes there have been pros and cons in regards to growing up like that. But my parents have been great, they have told me that I should just do what's fun and what I like, they have never told me to do certain things in particular, they been very supportive.

Q: Do you miss Anton Blidh? (Now with the Boston Bruins)

A: Yeah I mean sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, it was a love-hate relationship. On the bus I wanted to sleep, but we always sat together and he would wake me up to talk about something or show me something on the phone.

Q: You two were like brothers, fighting and teasing and hugging all the time!

A: Yeah - I do miss him a bit, but I am glad he is doing great over there.

Q: You were signed by Toronto Maple Leafs...

A: Yes it's great that they believe so much in me that they wanted to sign me. It's amazing, but you can't rest on your laurels like that. Now I have to prove them right, and show that their belief is warranted.

Q: One more year in Frölunda...

A: We haven't really discussed any plans (Toronto and I), but my thought is to go over next year to do the whole thing rather than split my time and concentration on doing bits and pieces here and there. I took a year here, and will do the whole year in North America next year instead. It was good to go over to the summer camp, to get to know the organization, talk with trainers, the other prospects and get a feel for everything.

Q: Last season 22 goals and 35 points in total, are there new expectations?

A: I think I set my own expectations harsher than anyone else. 22 goals is great, but this year I really want to develop as a player, I want to add to the assist scores, it's early and it's only been [five] games so far.

Of course I want to add more points but I am also looking to my defensive output, work out in the gym, and to increase my VO2(max). I want to become a more complete player.

I have always been counted on scoring, now I need to be able to do the other stuff as well.

The big difference is now that I have to be more responsible with the puck, as Mattis Olimb has gone to Jokerit in KHL, and he could keep the puck for ages himself in SHL. With my new linemates (Spencer Abbot formerly of Toronto Marlies and Johan Sundstrom, an Islanders' pick), it will take some time before we click.


The interview then ends with a discussion of Johnson's favorite tv-show, Paradise Hotel -- it's as bad as you think.

With thanks to Patrik B for the translation!