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From the Branches: Nobody prefers Pepsi

Shanahan teaches power play tips, Robidas catches a roster-lowering injury, and more, in today's FTB.

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Yesterday, a lot of things happened. We woke up to the Toronto press fainting at the sight of Brendan Shanahan swooping down from the sky and onto the ice like Batman, imparting great justice and power play tips.

At some point while he was on the ice, I'd like to think that Shanahan spotted Robidas looking far too healthy, and took care of things. "No offense, Stephane. Just doing a favor for Lou," Shanahan probably said.

The NHL is a hot mess, y'all. Here's the news.

Heavy News

Report: Leafs executive met with police to discuss cocaine concerns | PPP

NHL acknowledges more players using cocaine | TSN

Former NHLer Fedoruk opens up on substance issues | TSN

Zack Kassian has entered the NHL's Substance Abuse Program | HEOTP

Leafs tell Robidas he "did not make the team" [UPDATED] | PPP

Maple Leafs’ Stephane Robidas injures knee | The Star

Maple Leafs go with veteran roster, sparing youth from the pain | Globe and Mail

NHL finally says enough to Raffi Torres | ESPN

Lighter News

Jaromir Jagr bringing back the mullet | ESPN

With preseason complete, Marlies slash training camp roster | Jeffler

Let's pause a moment and ponder this. Solar Bears already have people in camp (seven), and the Marlies are sending them an almost complete roster worth of players. Nineteen, with Madore on his way, and one goaltender already down. Orlando's camp has been taking place since last Friday with the current twelve, and the ranks will swell by a few more, Jeffler tells me.

Solar Bears have until the middle of next week to reduce their number to 24, and until November to drop to 23. If Orlando absolutely must keep the sent-down Marlies, then the current group in camp ... gets tossed? Probably so, although that's sad. I'll keep you posted as the numbers get reduced.

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And for good measure, here is a puppy: