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Maple Leafs claim Corrado from Canucks, waive Panik, send Harrington down

As the Leafs nab a D from the Canucks, Panik is placed on waivers, and Harrington makes a brief visit to the Marlies.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs have claimed right handed defenseman Frankie Corrado off waivers from the Vancouver Canucks today. Toronto born Corrado was drafted 150th overall in round 5 of the 2011 NHL entry draft after 4 years with the Sudbury Wolves.

Since the draft he has played 28 games with the Canucks, and 101 with the Canucks AHL affiliates, scoring a total of 15 goals and 23 assists.

Corrado was ranked the Canucks 6th best prospect by Canucks Army, where Jeff Veillette described him as below:

Corrado isn't likely to have top pairing upside, but he's the type of guy that you look forward to having in an NHL rotation. The mental side of his game is very strong, in the sense that he has a lot of patience with the puck and can shake off a mistake without it throwing off his game afterward. He also possesses the speed to often mend those mistakes in a timely fashion, which also allows him to be a viable option to carry the puck into the offensive zone if necessary.

Included in the article were his AHL highlights from last season:

Also happening today, the Maple Leafs placed forward Richard Panik on waivers. Panik joined the Maple Leafs last season, played 76 games, scoring 11 goals and 6 assists. Panik placed ninth on PPP's Top25U25 this year.

The Leafs had a lot of defense already, and the Marlies look to be getting stronger at the back end. At the moment there's no word if Panik will be sent down to the Marlies if he clears, but the Lil' Leafs could get a boost on F with Panik and suiting up at Ricoh if he clears.

Whether this is an upgrade or not is the question. Corrado is two years younger and described as a perfect Shanaplan pick. Speed, smarts, and a strong worker.

Scott Harrington update:

Leafs have sent Scott Harrington to the minors. Now at 23 players.

This is likely a paper transaction meant to bring the roster to 23 players. Once Panik clears waivers (or is claimed from them) tomorrow, the roster will be down to 22, and Harrington can return to the Leafs.