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From The Branches: Hockey's Back!

After six months without, it's time for Toronto Maple Leafs hockey! Your links for Hockey Christmas!

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You're gonna be seeing a lot of this Babs face this year.
You're gonna be seeing a lot of this Babs face this year.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, everybody! This marks my first ever FTB, and what a day for it! Today is the first day of the season, which means the Leafs are tied for first, as that coworker who still thinks Chuck Norris jokes are funny often reminds you.

The Leafs roster started to take shape yesterday, as Frank Corrado was claimed off waivers from the Vancouver Canucks. The move means someone had to be put on waivers, and it appears that someone will be Richard Panik. Scott Harrington also reported to the Marlies in a paper transaction, and is expected to return to the Leafs for game time tomorrow.

Everybody come get your hot links!

Leafs News

Toronto Maple Leafs Season Preview | PPP

PPP writers predict the upcoming season, and....well, don't be afraid to make plans on game nights.

Also, Elseldo continues to be dead to me.

Corrado Claimed, Panik Waived, Harrington Demoted | PPP

Leafs Claim Corrado, Waive Panik Everyone Clears | TLN

Scott Harrington Reassigned To The AHL | TLN

Summaries of yesterday's roster moves. TL;DR: Corrado is a good free wallet; Panik is the odd man out with a logjam up front and would be great for the Marlies; Harrington will be back with the Leafs tomorrow.

Get To Know PPP: FiftyMissionCap | PPP

Everything you could've possibly ever not wanted to know about me, in one handy place.

Maple Leafs Claim Frank Corrado, as Canucks' Risk Doesn't Pay Off | Puck Daddy

Wysh on how the Canucks' loss is the Leafs gain.

'Roller Coaster' For Leafs' Corrado as Frustration Turns to Jubilation With Waiver Claim | National Post

David Alter talked to Corrado about being claimed by the Leafs, and....well, he's pretty happy to say the least.

Maple Leafs Claim Corrado | CanucksArmy

Canucks Lose Frank Corrado to Maple Leafs' Waiver Claim | Pass It To Bulis

The Canucks perspective on the Corrado claim from Thomas Drance and Harrison Mooney, respectively.

Mike Babcock's Sit Down With Darren Dreger: Transcript | MLHS

An interesting interview, for sure.

Leafs Give Kadri Time To Shine on Top Line | National Post

Alter on Kadri finally getting a chance as....first line centre?

Wait, you mean we are entering a Toronto Maple Leafs season with Not Bozak at 1C?

[Streamers fall; marching band performs triumphantly]

Nothing Quite Like Opening Night For the Leafs And the NHL | Vintage Leaf Memories

Michael Langlois with a great piece on the romanticism of Opening Night, and an interesting history lesson.

The Maple Leafs Forever | Vimeo

Tom Thompson (@b0undless) does it again with an amazing Leafs montage. No, YOU'RE crying.

Today's Enemy

The Leafs open their season against the hated Montreal Canadiens (who insist we are definitely not rivals or anything), so here's what you need to know about them.

Montreal Canadiens At A Glance | Yahoo/AP

A basic rundown of tomorrow's opponent. Very basic.

Habs Claim Paul Byron on Waivers | HEOTP

Congrats to the Habs for having the second-best waiver claim of the day.

Montreal Canadiens 2015-16 Season Preview Montage | HEOTP

I did not watch it, but unlike most of their pregame ceremonies, it wasn't 38 minutes long.

Also, there appears to be highlights other than Carey Price stopping a lot of pucks, which is weird for this team.

Other NHL News

Your NHL Awards Odds | Grantland

DGB takes a look at the frontrunners and predicts who will win the NHL Awards. If you're only interested in content involving the Leafs, I would suggest skipping this one.

Devils to Retire Brodeur's No. 30, Build Statue At Prudential Center | All About the Jersey

No word on if the statue will remain erect years after it has crumbled before eventually being sent to St. Louis.

New Prospect Tool And A Look Into the 2016 Draft | Blue Seat Blogs

Because it's never too early for us to start planning for June!

NHL 2015-16 Predictions: First Coach Fired? Most Overhyped Team? | Puck Daddy

Without looking, I can tell you that the Leafs are not in either of these categories.

Decade of Crosby-Ovechkin Filled With Highlights |

It's been a DECADE already? Good god, I'm old.

Lightning Start on Top of NHL Power Rankings | TSN

For the Leafs, you'll want to look down. Way down.

Report: Former NHLer Sean Avery Arrested | TSN

Another day, another link between hockey and substance abuse.....*sigh.*

Other Sports News

ESPN's Experts Predict the MLB Postseason | ESPN

Unanimous love for the Jays in the ALDS, which is awesome if you just don't look at their preseason predictions.

SB Nation's 2015 MLB Postseason Predictions | SB Nation

13 of 16 writers choose the Jays to advance to the ALCS, four pick them to win it all, picks Munenori Kawasaki as MVP of everything? This has it all.

Wild Night | The Players' Tribune

I'm a big fan of The Players' Tribune pieces and this one does not disappoint. Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen on the Wild Card game.

The Pirates will face the Cubs in the NL Wild Card Game tonight, in case whatever you were watching does not turn out to be that good. No idea why I would think that.